Thursday, October 9, 2008

{Zaara} new release : Visaka

Visaka Ghagra

The Indian festival 'Dussera' is around the corner and it seems just right that I do a very traditional garba outfit. I have tried to keep it realistic to how its worn by gypsies in kutch/rajasthan/gujrat, with their natural dyed fabrics, a general mishmash of vibrant color with no effort to coordinate them, but somehow just falling into place.

Zaara : Visaka

It includes a wide bandhni dyed skirt, a tie n dye top, glitch pants, a veil and a sash tied across at the waist (to keep it out of the way while dancing :P )

As with most of my new releases : hand drawn

Available at mainstoreSLURL : {Zaara} Mainstore,Tesla

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