Thursday, January 15, 2009

{Zaara} Sim Contest!

We are announcing an inaugural contest to celebrate the opening of the {Zaara} sim. There will be L$10,000 in prizes!!! Visit the sim and take a picture anywhere you like, then post to your flickr and add it to the {Zaara} flickr group. Don’t forget to tag your pic with ZaaraSimContest. For phototaking ease you can rezz anything on the SIM with a 30 minute autoreturn. So please feel free to use pose stands, lights, etc… We also know some of you have already visited us and taken some pics, remember to add the tag ZaaraSimContest to them when submitting them for the contest.

Contest ends on January 31st 2009 @ midnight SLT.
Three prizes will be awarded:
- The 1st place winner will receive L$5000 and will have their picture displayed in the store for the month of February.
- The 2nd place winner will receive L$3000
- The 3rd place winner will receive L$2000

> Make sure to tag your entry with ZaaraSimContest or it will not be eligible.
> Post processing of images is allowed and encouraged.
> Nudity is acceptable, however pornography/offensive images will be removed.

1. Take a pic anywhere on the {Zaara} sim.
2. Create a flickr account for free at and upload your images to your stream.
3. Join the {Zaara} flickr group at this address and submit your entry:
4. Remember to tag your entry as ZaaraSimContest or it will not be eligible.

Thank you and best of luck! :)

{Zaara} Mainstore

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