Friday, February 27, 2009

{Zaar] New Release : Inka | Ishaya | Isis

{Zaara} Separates


Early spring release featuring a mix of jackets shirts and slacks with folk influences


A boho-ethnic take on a casual sport jacket, Inka is a fun piece with its quirky embellishment in gold/silver and a hint of unexpected color. Available in 4 neutral shades.

Includes : jacket, jacket prims + collar (on spine) and sleeves
(Shirt layer and extra attachment points for specific AO's are in a boxed prim inside the folder- you don't need to open this unless necessary)
100% handdrawn

inka blog copy


The Isis shirt is a classic sheer shirt with a stand-up collar . . One of the most difficult pieces i have had to texture, with tiny tucks, fold details and controlled sheer in the right places. This is a pure texture shirt, kept minimal.... perfect for layering.
tip : u can reduce the sheer by earing 2 layers of the same shirt, or try mixing 2 colors for a new shade

Available in 9 colors, in 3 fat packs : neutrals, spring and darks as well as a mega fat pack.
includes : all possible layes - jacket, shirt, undershirt, pants, underpants
100% handdrawn

 isis blog copy


Stretch velour slacks in in deep rich tones with side zip details. Available in 6 tones
includes : pants, underpants, slim fit leg prims
100% handdrawn

ishaya blog copy

Available at Mainstore and LE.LOOK!SLURL :
{Zaara} Mainstore~
{Zaara} @LE.LOOK!
Or search for 'Zaara' in Classifieds/Places, or check my profile picks for a TP

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Dezi Jarvinen said...

Your work never stops amazing me! Love all of it :)