Friday, June 28, 2013

{Zaara} Summer releases : Bikinis and coverups!

                                              {Zaara} Summer                                                

Two exciting summer releases are out now and both of them are materials ready!

What does that mean? Well materials ready items have enhanced textures that will create shine and depth in 'materials enabled viewers' such as the new official Secondlife viewer. Different windlight settings and directional lighting creates reflections on such items.

Both of these items will work in all viewers perfectly, regardless of materials capabilities.

This release has been a real challenge and I hope you enjoy these as much as I do :)

Naisha bikinis and Ria coverups
These sequin bikinis are just right to up the glam factor this summer! They come in 9 colors and standard sizes.

Zaara : Naisha sequin bikini

The Ria coverup, is a completly sheer studded kaftan style throw over for your bikinis, though can be creatively paired with lingerie or... nothing *wink*. These come in 12 colors and standard sizes and both items are materials enhanced as described above.

Zaara : Ria cover up

Being Mesh, please try the demo before you buy to ensure you are satisfied with the fit :)
We do not use marketplace templates or kits for our items. As always, we would really love
to hear your feedback and suggestions.
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