Saturday, January 25, 2014

{Zaara} Suhina sequin gown


Suhina sequin gown
This glittery sequin floor length gown exudes old Hollywood charm and is available in 8 colors.
This gown is materials enhanced and is best viewed in the official Second Life viewer as well as Firestorm (or any other materials enabled viewer you are aware of)

Being Mesh, please try the demo before you buy to ensure you are satisfied with the fit :)
We do not use marketplace templates or kits for our items. As always, we would really love
to hear your feedback and suggestions.

Available at:
SL Marketplace : {Zaara} Suhina sequin gown

Mainstore SLURL : {Zaara} Mainstore
Or search for 'Zaara' in Classifieds/Places, or check my profile picks for a TP ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~