Sunday, June 29, 2008

Anjuna : perms sorted

Sorry about this, I have been having perm updating issues recently.
the Anjuna pant prims perms were erroneously no mod/no copy/ transfer, and should have been mod/copy/ no transfer
while i have updated all the sale prims in store, I have also sent out a group notice with the leg prims attached.
If you are part of the group you would have received it, if not just join "Zaara - indian couture updates' (searching in 'groups' and hitting 'join' ) and check the notice history and copy it to your inventory.

You are always free to send me an IM/notecard in case you want me to drop them to u :)

We usually test the prims before we set to sale, however if you do spot a problem *ever* drop me an IM/note and ill sort it out ASAP :)

Zaara Kohime

Thursday, June 26, 2008

Mainstore and NEW release!

Finally finally finally, I can proudly proclaim that i got a main store, YAYs!

{ Zaara } Main store is now located on the really cool Tesla sim!
(I've strutted around in her heels all the time, so it feels great to be right next door :D)

The build is humble for now, so keep an eye for things to come :P
here's the slurl : { Zaara } Mainstore@Tesla

and i guess you need a reason to go there, so...


The 2nd outfit in the Goa series...
'Anjuna' is a happy block print tie up shirt paired up over a white tank and linen drawstring pants, perfect for a stroll on the beach :)

As fat pack and singles
includes: printed top (shirt/jacket layers), white tank (shirt, undershirt layer), pants, sculptie/prim sleeves, collar, pant legs, string details

credits : blue outfit : hair- aoharu(momo), jewelry - earthtones (kamona set), green outfit : hair- Philotic Energy (mani), jewelry - earthtones(kamona set) red outfit : hair- Philotic Energy (mani), jewelry - Shiny Things - (spiral disc set), shoes - Shiny Things (brocattos in berry)

blog upload


i have been asked a lot about the bracelets used in the Calangute outfit ad, so here they are coupled with earrings.
Fat packs only (at very reasonable prices :)

Melange : casual bracelets/earrings

Store details :
{ Zaara } Mainstore@Tesla
Zaara@House of Heart

Or search for 'Zaara' in Classifieds, or check my picks for a TP

Tuesday, June 24, 2008

New : Indian Bride

This is a new version of the Indian Bride outfit, a traditional bridal with all the finery and craftsmanship. The ghagra (skirt- pronounced ghag-ra) is a double layer gold see-thru net with a red brocade and kundan-work under-skirt. The set comes with 4 blouse (called cho-li) options for choice and is made to match the skirt. Also included is Bridal henna for the hands, bridal bindis, gold net veil with kundan accents and a brocade dupatta(du-patta) scarf for the shoulder.

The kundan jewelry sets compliment this outfit well.
click on pictures for enlarged view.

fr blog
Store details :
Zaara@House of Heart
Zaara Indian Couture@Taste of India
Zaara@Velvet slurl

Or search for Zaara Indian Couture in Classifieds, or check my picks for a TP

Pink Palace
So now that you have the dress and the jewels in place, all you need is a guy who is willing, and of course a place that'll get you married off Indian style :D
My good friend Perdita Lacey owns the 'Pink palace' , an Indian theme palace providing traditional Hindu, Muslim and Interfaith wedding in SL.
Its something you are not likely to do in real life so its a great chance to experience a different culture, irrespective of your background.

IM Perdita Lacey/ samaira Robbiani for a quick insight into this rich culture and a round of the palace.

Pink palace

Monday, June 23, 2008

New Release@ Kundan jewelry

Phew, finally...

The Suvarna (i.e. 'golden like the sun') jewelry sets are based on Indian kundan jewelry styles.
They come in two colors, classic white and traditional pink /green/white combination with totally 7 pieces to form the set.
The set includes : Head Jewel (Tikka), Nose-ring (Nathni), Necklace, Earrings, Bangles (Choodiya), Arm band (Baju-bandh), Anklet (payal).
These are available as singles as well.

Suvarna : Full set
Suvarna: pieces of the set 1
Suvarna: pieces of the set 2

click on pictures for enlarged view

Store details :
Zaara@House of Heart
Zaara Indian Couture@Taste of India
Zaara@Velvet slurl

Or search for Zaara Indian Couture in Classifieds, or check my picks for a TP

Saturday, June 14, 2008

Calangute dresses@Zaara Indian Couture

Calangute is one of the 1st in the series inspired by spirit of Goa,
( Calangute is a beach in Goa-one of the leading party destinations in the world)

This long summer dress features a mesh of criss-crossed belts on the waist and a gentle asymmetrical drape. The belts are embroidered in various Indian forms like kundan, zari, mirrorwork and many more.


Zaara : Calangute


Zaara : Calangute

Store details :
Zaara@House of Heart
Or search for Zaara Indian Couture in Classifides, or check my picks for a TP

Zaara Indian Couture has expanded to 2 new stores- at Earthstones and Velvet.

Zaara@Velvet slurl
Zaara@Earthstones slurl

Vain Inc. has organised a fashion show at the new Velvet sim starting 2pm SLT on Saturday the 14th. I will be previewing a retextured bridal and new traditional Indian jewelry- so come over for a Sneak peek :)

Friday, June 13, 2008

Fashion Expo - Update and ThankU's!

A BIG thank u to everyone who dropped by at the fashion expo and purchased the RFL specials :)
The Zaara RFL special items and auction raised about 84,200L$, with the auction closing on 61,100L$! Thank u Jenn Luke for your generous contribution towards a good cause :)
Comign up new items and more stores, up in next post

Thursday, June 5, 2008

Fashion Expo : One-of-a-Kind Auction dress

This piece will be a part of the auction set for the RFL Fashion Expo.Its is a one-of-a kind item that will never be sold again.. so if u want it- get yourselves to the auction :)
The Fashion show for the Auction will be on the 7th of June.
For more information check for additional details.

Plum gown with gold accents made of Banarasi brocade silk, with a gold foil motif on the tail.

layout Karma 1x1 RFL for blog copy


layout Karma 1x1 RFL for blog1 copy

Zaara Indian Couture- Fashion Expo

Wednesday, June 4, 2008

NEW : Fashion Expo Release (RFL)

I'm participating in the The FASHION EXPO 2008 for RFL, organised by the BBA All-Stars team. The event requires two creations for this Expo, a one-of-a kind outfit that will be auctioned and another unique item that will be displayed at the vendor at the expo itself.
From what i have seen so far everyone is super excited /nervous and hope this is a success for a good cause :).
Pls drop in and have a look at all the lovely stores with their special items :)
Pink and olive rendition of the black freespirit dress,
goodnews, its priced at 150L$ so more ppl can buy the outfit- helps the cause much more.

NEw : Freespirit for RFL

Zaara Indian Couture - Fashion Expo
The Expo runs from 5th-8th june with the fashion show for the auction on the 7th. for additional details.

Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Group Gift!

My apologies, I have been busy with the RFL Fashion Expo, more on this later

With the great response to the 'shubh dress' freebie, I have decided to release a black version of the same, exclusively for group members. You need to keep your group tag active to receive the item.
It's a boxed item, so it needs to be rezzed to the ground (in a sandbox, for eg), hit -- Edit > open > copy items to inventory. You should find the folder.

Group Freebie- Ratri

To get your free dress,
join the 'Zaara indian couture - updates' group, and pick it from any of the stores below.

Zaara Indian Couture (Slurl) at Taste of India

How do I join the group?
- Select Search from the button panel at the bottom of your screen.
- Select the "Groups"- Tab enter
- Search "Zaara Indian Couture" in the input field.
- Join the group for free by clicking the Join (L$0) - Button on the right side of the window when the group shows.