Sunday, June 22, 2014

{Zaara} for Summer Fest

{Zaara} Summer Fest '14
Summer Fest 14 is an Annual summer themed event featuring one of the grid's best creators. Here's what we have!

 Zaara for Summer fest '14 
Janya Jeweled sandals 
 ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ These gem studded sandals come in fresh colors ideal, perfect for summer. They come in rigged and unrigged versions fitted to Slink Flat feet. The unrigged versions can be resized to fit most other feet. As always {Zaara} demos include all sizes/versions and colors, so 
please try when in doubt :)  

   Zaara for Summer fest '14 - Janya jeweled flats 

 Latika one-piece swimsuit
This once piece swimsuit doesn't skimp on sexiness with its super deep neck, low back and ruched front. Demos include all sizes and colors.

Zaara for Summer fest '14 - Latika swimsuit 

Rattan coffee table
This little coffee table fits right in a coastal home, each color comes in two versions - with or without the towel. The towel is scripted to color change

Zaara for Summer Fest '14 - Rattan coffee table 

  Being Mesh, please try the demo before you buy to ensure you are satisfied with the fit :) We do not use marketplace templates or kits for our items. We would really love to hear your feedback and suggestions :) While we check and recheck our vendors, just in case you spot a problem please contact me immediately so we can rectify it. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
 Available at Summer fest 2014  
After the end of the event this item will be available at the {Zaara} Mainstore ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~  

Thursday, June 5, 2014

{Zaara} for Arcade June

So its Arcade time once again and {Zaara} is happy to present 'The Indian Kitchen'.
This 17 piece set features kitchen items and spices and a finale in the form of a full Indian meal.

{Zaara} for Arcade complete set

{Zaara} for Arcade preview

Zaara for Arcade June 1014 Key

 L$50 per play • 17 to collect (3 rare) 
Perms: Mod/Transfer
Mesh: 100% Mesh
Land Impact:1 to 8

Available at: 
The Arcade : Direct SLURL 
For more information about this event please visit the Arcade website