Sunday, June 29, 2008

Anjuna : perms sorted

Sorry about this, I have been having perm updating issues recently.
the Anjuna pant prims perms were erroneously no mod/no copy/ transfer, and should have been mod/copy/ no transfer
while i have updated all the sale prims in store, I have also sent out a group notice with the leg prims attached.
If you are part of the group you would have received it, if not just join "Zaara - indian couture updates' (searching in 'groups' and hitting 'join' ) and check the notice history and copy it to your inventory.

You are always free to send me an IM/notecard in case you want me to drop them to u :)

We usually test the prims before we set to sale, however if you do spot a problem *ever* drop me an IM/note and ill sort it out ASAP :)

Zaara Kohime

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