Friday, August 15, 2008

{Zaara} New release! Saris and independence day gift!

Happy Independence Day India :D (I'm terribly late :P)


This is a traditional brocade sari with gold zardosi trim in deep rich colors.
I have provided options of wearing it with either system skirts or glitch pants-
with seperate prim attachments for both.
There are 3 options for blouses- short sleeves, halter and strapless, 2 for shoulder drapes and optional chest attachments for folds .
(if you need any extra layers for the blouses, pls drop me a notecard)

Available as fatpacks and singles!

I've worked on thisfor a long time trying to get the sari to fall/ drape correctly the way it is in RL, the gold border and most of the parts being handdrawn.

Zaara : Menaka Sari - earth tones

Zaara : Menaka Sari - Jewel tones

FREE! Indian bangle set (choodiya), in green and orange, set out in the blue room as you enter.
These will be out for limited time and will be removed in a week.

Independence day gift

Available at mainstore
SLURL : {Zaara} Mainstore,Tesla

Or search for 'Zaara' in Classifieds, or check my picks for TP

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