Tuesday, March 10, 2009

{Zaara} Mens release : Isis


Due to several requests to release the Isis shirts as a male version, here it is :)

Isis is a classic shirt with a stand-up collar perfect for layering . The standard version comes on all layers and is mostly opaque except for necessary spots to keep the look natural. An extra jacket layer which is more sheer is also thrown in for those who migth want to use it for intresting layering. And ofcourse this shirt fits a female AV perfectly as well :)

Available in 9 colors, in 3 fat packs : neutrals, color and darks as well as a mega fat pack.
includes : all possible layes - jacket, shirt, undershirt, pants, underpants + extra jacket layer in sheer
100% handdrawn

Zaara : Isis Shirts for Men

Available at Mainstore and LE.LOOK!
{Zaara} Mainstore~
{Zaara} @LE.LOOK!

Or search for 'Zaara' in Classifieds/Places, or check my profile picks for a TP

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