Sunday, October 17, 2010

{Zaara} : Call for Couture - Auction Edition


{Zaara}@ Call for Couture


{Zaara} is proud to be a part of the Call for Couture event organised by Chic Management. A special couture piece was created for a limited edition auction where 50% of the auction sale will go to The Samaritans (

Acira Gown - Auction Edition

{Zaara} interprets couture as detailed, finely crafted with a personal touch... which in my case focuses on handdrawn textures and structure of the gown.
The Acira gown is accented with chains draping the decollete making its way around the back over a completly sequined bronze fabric. The heavy embellishments are offset by the clean understated silhoutte of this gown.

inc : All layers, skirt prims and chest-chain prims (spine+chest)

This creation will be sold inworld ONLY ONCE!
Place your bid on the item, if you are outbid you are notified via an offline. AUCTION ENDS ON 30th OCTOBER 2010.

{Zaara} Acira : Call for Couture Auction edition

Zaara : Call for Couture - Auction edition